With my countless hours learning lightroom and importing100+ presets, my photos are now produced at a quality I am happy to post.


Lightroom is a simple yet effective program

in the production of photography. 

Through its editing ability and easy to add presets,

the results that my photos

are capable of becoming is mindblowing. 

This program is critical to my freelance work

as I look to develop not only my basic

photography but also my product photography.


Bringing a product to life and giving it a

a professional finish

is just one key to ensuring

it becomes an

engaging post on social media

The added layer a quick edit in Lightroom offers

is an easy decision to put the work

in and screen my photoshoots

before posting and uploading

to the website or social media. 



- Marie Fe and Jake Snow

Marie Fe and Jake Snow hold a considerably large following across social channels as a travelling couple.


Their unique style and photo finishes have been shared through their preset packs in which I have their 'Fairytales are real' set.

This set included 10 presets in which a wide range of editing styles can make a photo tell a different story.


From a colour blitz, sunset glow or Tropicana finish the set can produce some wonderful results. 

My photo with 'Colour Blitz' preset used -


- My photo edited with FWP preset

Found Wild Project is a community-based page that highlights, promotes and offers to learn for people interested in photography. 

Recently I came across their social media and found myself looking through so many of their highlighted pages and photography tips. 

They offer a subscription package that allows you to get access to a number of Lightroom presets. Through this, I gained 80+ presets with more to come each month.

This simple interaction through Instagram has allowed me to improve my photography to a new level and gain more presets for different photos. 

Found WIld Project -