The display photos below is work I completed in Adobe Photoshop during my first few days with the program.


I am taking a personal approach to learn design programs in the Adobe Suite to better my marketing abilities.

August 2019

The early stages of my photoshop work

consisted of a slow and painful process

that I now look back on and laugh


Selecting the area

to post my screenshot overlay

was drawn out

through the manual selection process.


After importing the image

and manually distorting the image into place,

effects were placed in the way of shapes

to give the screen a screen glare effect.

January 2020

Through my Tertiary study

and research across

a range of social media pages,

I have seen the importance

of consistency and quality.


These are two areas I strive

to focus on throughout my Instagram

to grow followers


engagement rates.  

Utilising PSD files helps increase

this to show a more

professional touch to the images

on my website

Through a friend who

has completed a graphic design degree,

I was introduced to

downloadable PSD files

which create professional

finishes to many designs. 

The photos on the right

and left are recent

Photoshop files in which

I was able to overlay

a photo and provide

a sleeker finish.

These steps are furthering

the development in my

Photoshop understanding and

skills to provide images

much greater than what I was able to produce a month ago.

Essential-Stationery-Branding-Mockup (1)

May 2020


Further growing my freelance work

connected me with a school.

They asked me to produce

their assessment and reporting plans for 2020.



This PSD really lets the document

pop and show more than just the content.

A file like this can be passed

onto the client for them to present

to other schools and boards

for allowing them to outsource more work like this.