SEO is key for business KPI's when it comes to getting views on a website.


Utilising SEO optimiser on Wix and adding in paid advertisements through

Google Ads is critical to sustaining

websites growth through searches. 


Understanding searches and the keywords people use to search for services is critical to ensuring the best chances of your website appearing in an organic search.


With Happy Hounds K9's, it offers a range of specialised services people will directly look for.


Using keywords in the headline, description and directing users to the right web page, I have altered each landing page

]]]to ensure the best click-through rate and lower the bounce rate of the user. 

The Tuition and Behaviour Consultations is one of the services offeredby Happy Hounds K9's


I ensured the keywords "Dog", "Tuition", "Behaviour" and "Consult" were appearing within the search and visible within the search result to capture the attention of the individual

Added to the headline, is the website name and location of the owner for better search results if the individual knows more about the company when they go to find the website


Utilising Udemy, I have undertaken an excelled course

in Google Ads and SEO development

to further my

understanding of SEO.

The classes have been

critical to taking my knowledge

to another level,

so I am ready to implement

it on a larger scale when

I obtain a full-time role.

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